My One-Page Exhibit!


Ambidexterous – Rajesh Anitha
American Hero Folklore – Karen Cartier
Brick by Brick - A Short History of Lego – Maria Gentile
Buddy Holly – Thomas Oguntke
Children Making India in Future – R. Vikirthan - student
Communication through the Ages – Bruce L. Johnson, Joseph Sullivan, Michele M. Bresso
Desire for Italy - Our Summer Holidays – Michel Sulpin
Diana - England's Rose – Marci Jarvis
Disney at War – William Silvester
Endorphins by Chocolate – Carol J. Edholm
Entertainment – Sahdev Sharma
Fashion – Vidya Kishore Baglodi
Felix the Cat – Marci Jarvis
Filipino Culture – George Hauber
Forever 27 Club – Jamie Corn
Four Wooden Steps and 86 Years – Tom Rogers
GURDWARA - Gateway to the Guru – Arun Kumar
Happy New Year – Bhavana Kishore Baglodi
Headgears of India – Sahdev Sharma
Historical Gates of Indian Forts and Monuments – Srinivas Baliga
Indian Cuisine – Kishore K Baglodi
Indian Symbols Through Philately – M Gurudath Kamath
Invaders from Mars – Ray Cartier
It's Time to Get Rid of the Pandemic Pounds! – Dawn Hamman
Master Healers of Ayush – Vaman Kamath
Meeting Marina – Peter Elias
National Flag - Identity of Our Nation – R. Vikirthan - student
Native American Western Wear – Ray Cartier
Philatelic Humor Is Not an Oxymoron – Ray Cartier
Stamps Issued on My Birthday! – Don Neal
Step Wells – Kishore K Baglodi
Superman on TV – Ray Cartier
Superman on US Stamps – Tim Bergquist
Television: 1950s Children's Show: Smilin' Ed McConnell & His Buster Brown Gang – Ray Cartier
The Many Faces of Cinderella – Karen Cartier
The Micky Mouse Club – Karen Cartier
The Pride Flag – Yme Woensdregt
The U.S. Flag – Carol Costa
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Armenia – Igor Grigorian
Which Elvis – Peter Elias

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