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Job Description: American Topical Association Content Manager & Editor

OVERVIEW: The American Topical Association is growing and is positioned at the forefront of organized philately. As such, the organization maintains several avenues of communication that reach members, prospective members, and the broader audience of stamp collectors around the world. The content manager and editor (CM&E) serves the association’s in educational mission in several ways:

1.  The CM&E develops, maintains and executes an editorial calendar that guides the materials published in the journal Topical Time, the website, and through social media.

2.   As editor of Topical Time, the CM&E solicits, coordinates, edits and prepares articles and columns to assemble bi-monthly issues. The CM&E is responsible for all print production aspects of the journal.

3.   The CM&E assists in the development of the web, journal and print strategy for the association.

DUTIES: The CM&E fulfills the following responsibilities:

1. Timely publication of Topical Time, six times per year. This includes the following responsibilities:

a. Develop a professional and consistent visual theme for the publication – publication will adhere to modern print production standards and will be designed in accordance with modern design trends and best practices

b. Recruit, encourage and develop ATA members to provide content for the journal

c. Review, approve and edit all materials for publication

d. Develop relationships with columnists and writers to ensure ongoing availability of content

e. Include society and philatelic news as well as advertising as available for each issue

f. Interface with the journal’s printer to ensure technical suitability of materials for print and timely submission of the production files – provide all production materials needed for printing and production – including ad percentages for print orders and the annual statement of ownership form

2. Creation and maintenance of content calendar for the Association

a. The calendar will govern the primary content published in Topical Time, the ATA website and ATA social media channels

b. Monitor and adjust the content calendar for effectiveness of communication, ATA initiatives and recruiting efforts

c. Publish the calendar and supporting content for use by others

3. Review results from digital media tracking and search engine optimization to ensure maximum reach of content presentation

4. Develop concepts and sources for additional Association content publications, including handbooks and digital media

5. Representation of and interface with the Association

a. Attend and participate at the National Topical Stamp Show and Association board meetings

b. Provide written annual report covering content activities


1. Appointment and reporting: the CM&E is appointed by the president with the approval of the board of directors. The CM&E reports to the president of the ATA.

2. Authority: the ATA board of directors establishes policy regarding Topical Time, the CM&E has responsibility for content and design of the journal.

3. Term of office and terms of agreement. The CM&E’s initial term of office shall be three (3) years, commencing on _____________, and concluding on ________________. This agreement can be extended at any time beyond the date of its termination by agreement in writing between the CM&E and the President of ATA. This agreement may be terminated by either party by giving the other party not less than 90 days written notice, except that this agreement may be deemed immediately terminated if either party fails to meet its obligations as set forth in this agreement, or if one or both parties shall become subject to bankruptcy proceedings. Any dispute between the parties is to be settled by arbitration, not litigation. No amendment or modification of this agreement shall be effective unless it is in writing and executed by both the CM&E and the ATA.

4. Compensation & Expenses – The ATA agrees to compensate the CM&E an annual total sum of $_______________. The CM&E’s performance and compensation will be reviewed annually by the ATA Board of Directors. The ATA shall reimburse the CM&E for travel expenses up to a maximum of $500 per year. Expenses will be documented by original receipt and/or an invoice.  The ATA will provide ½ page advertising in Topical Time at no cost to the CM&E.


1. At least three years of experience editing periodicals, preferably philatelic periodicals.

2. Demonstrated ability to conceive fresh and appealing ideas for new content that establishes or supports the ATA's brand identity

3. Demonstrate mastery of Adobe Creative Cloud tools (or software of similar or greater capability) for print production

4. Demonstrated ability to communicate and execute ideas professionally in design, print and writing

5. Demonstrated competence with web page composition and content management systems

6. Advanced written communication skills with demonstrated mastery of English

7. Strong skills in creating original content that targets the philatelic community

Applications should be sent to Dawn Hamman, ATA president, at ataopportunity@gmail.com.

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