ATA Keynote Speakers at the Great American Stamp Show

We are pleased to offer four interesting and entertaining programs during the Great American Stamp Show. Join us for a relaxing hour during the busy show day!

The Great Sphinx - a Story in Stamps - Tom Broadhead

The Great Sphinx of Egypt, together with the nearby pyramids, has captured imaginations for thousands of years and is one of the most globally recognized monuments. Enjoy a philatelic reflection of the Sphinx!

Tom Broadhead is 2nd vice president of ATA and has been an avid stamp collector for more than 60 years. Although Tom’s primary collecting interest is the 20th century postal history of France, he is an ardent champion of the study of images on stamps and how they reflect the history and culture of their issuing nations. A retired professor of geology at The University of Tennessee, Tom enjoys occasionally teaching a seminar on the culture of stamps for honors students. He is active in the Knoxville Philatelic Society, where he has been newsletter editor for 15 years.

Two Stamps – One Journey - Félix L. Pérez-Folch, Jr.

This presentation will take us on a journey through time with two stamps (150th Anniversary of Mississippi and La Fortaleza in Puerto Rico). Félix will show us how he became a stamp collector and how it has inspired him to share, teach and promote the best hobby in the world. The presentation will include creative ways to introduce stamp collecting and exhibiting ideas. Félix will also discuss the importance of attending stamp shows, joining philatelic organizations and local stamp clubs. Join us on this journey with the world’s greatest traveler – The Stamp! We will learn, travel, connect and - most importantly - we will have fun!

Félix became a stamp collector in 1998 while serving in the U.S. Air Force; he later served in the U.S. Army and in 2018 retired after 29 years of service. He is the owner of The Stamp Professor LLC and is a member of 21 philatelic organizations.

His topical stamp collections include Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Black Heritage, Native Americans, Women, Penguins, Ships, Flags, Asian/Pacific Americans and Perú. Félix currently serves as an ambassador for the ATA, youth and exhibit committee member for the Gulf Coast Stamp Club, webmaster for the Penguins on Stamps Study Unit, ATA liaison and director for the Sociedad Filatélica de Puerto Rico.

Captain Tim’s Radio Stamp Club – Wayne Youngblood

You are invited to enjoy the story of one of the most popular radio programs of all time: Captain Tim’s Ivory Soap Stamp Club of the 1930s. Hear how the charismatic Captain Tim Healy attracted millions of young people to become stamp collectors. Enjoy Wayne’s large collection of Captain Tim memorabilia.

Wayne Youngblood, editor of Topical Time and numerous other philatelic publications, is a prolific philatelic writer who has won many prestigious awards. In 2020 he was awarded the ATA’s highest honor, Distinguished Topical Philatelist. He is the owner of WYstamps, a business that specializes in “beyond the catalog” items.

Evolution of U.S. Intercity Mail Transportation: Horses to Aeroplanes (1840-1920) – Bill DeWitt

Find out what types of transportation the United States Post Office Department, USPOD back then, used for domestic intercity mail in the 19th Century and into the 20th Century. Based on data from the Postmaster General Reports from 1840 to 1920, this session will demonstrate, through charts, maps, and United States transportation stamps, the transportation modes for transporting mail from post office to post office. Enjoy learning how United States mail was moved for 100 years from the early 19th Century to the early 20th Century.

Bill DeWitt is a Board Member of the American Topical Association and serves as the Show Manager for the 2021 Great American Stamp Show. His stamp collection, begun in 1991, inspired by his grandfather in the 1950s, focuses on United States Transportation Stamps. Bill’s historical research interest with the Postmaster General Annual Reports continues his doctoral dissertation that was archival research into transportation study in higher education. Bill’s professional career included 25+ years at Burlington Northern Railroad, and other railroads, followed by earning his PhD in transportation. He then served for 20 years at the University of Tennessee (PhD), the University of Maryland (Professor of the Practice), Maine Maritime Academy (Dean of Business School), and the University of Denver (Executive Director).

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