Welcome to My One-Page Exhibit!

A Program of the American Topical Association
for the Great American Stamp Show 2021

“My One-Page Exhibit!” is a virtual program that encourages experienced and novice exhibitors to tell a story related to philatelic materials from their collections. In this inaugural year, “My One-Page Exhibit!” has attracted philatelists worldwide. This site is available for viewing through October 31, 2021, the final day of Stamp Collecting Month.

Each exhibit is located within one category. Click on a category below to view the exhibits it contains. Each exhibit is a pdf with a link that displays the exhibit title and author. Some exhibitors listed an email address on their creation, so feel free to contact them if you wish to discuss their exhibits.

Enjoy the exhibits and begin thinking about how you will create an exhibit for “My One-Page Exhibit 2022.”

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