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Online Presentation: Thematic Exhibiting — Steps to Success, a Six-Part Course

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Thematic Exhibiting: Steps to Success This six-part course is designed to give you lots of practical information to use in planning and developing your thematic exhibit. SESSION ONE: Getting Started - Dawn Hamman, president, American Topical Association An overview of the decisions you need to make in planning; writing your thematic story; and acquiring and describing your material. A discussion of resources to use along the way. SESSION TWO: Designing Exhibit Pages - Martin Kent Miller, owner, The Philatelic Press, a marketing and design firm geared to the needs of philatelists. Topics to be covered include choosing paper, page design basics, matting, typefaces and size. SESSION THREE: The Wonderful World of Bamboo – Phil Stager, grand award winning exhibitor, including 2017 National Topical Stamp Show for The Wonderful World of Bamboo. Phil leads us through the process of planning and executing his thematic display exhibit. This is an opportunity to learn from a master of thematic exhibiting. Session Four: How to Choose a Wide Variety of Philatelic Items for Your Exhibit - Jean Wang, grand award winning exhibitor for Blood: A Modern Medicine, CANPEX, 2019. Join one of the foremost thematic exhibitors working today as she describes how she selected a wide range of philatelic items to tell the thematic story. Session Five: Preparing the Synopsis - Join Pat Walker, a past president of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors; exhibitor and judge. Pat will show the steps in developing a synopsis that will highlight what the exhibitor has accomplished in the exhibit. Session Six: Bonus Feedback and Q&A session

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