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One Frame Champion of Champions Competition to be Held Online

September 13, 2020 1:49 PM | Anonymous

The One Frame Champion of Champions competition will be held online this year, according to Mike Ley, president of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE). The competition, which selects the top exhibit from one frame grand winners at WSP shows during the year, was to have been held in November at Chicagopex. That show has been canceled.

“Beginning Nov. 8 all the exhibits will be available for viewing on the AAPE website at aape.org,” said Ley. “They will be judged by the same jury that would have judged at Chicagopex, and the winner will be announced Nov. 21.”

The exhibits will be shown on a full-frame view in pdf. format. The synopsis for each exhibit, normally only seen by judges, will also be shown. “These top-award-winning exhibits will provide enjoyable and educational opportunities for other exhibitors as well as those contemplating exhibiting,” said Ley. He added that this is the first time a major North American exhibiting award will be determined in a virtual competition.

“AAPE started this championship in 2000 and very much wanted in to continue this year,” said Ley. “We knew that Chicagopex might be canceled, so we planned ahead to take the competition virtual if necessary.”

For more information contact Mike Ley, giscougar@aol.com, 402-984-5010.

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